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Bag Share




Reusable BagShare bins are beginning to appear in the shopping centre of Lane Cove to assist our community's reliance on plastic bags.  Plastic bags are mostly used when shopping and the bins have been placed in strategic areas to assist our community when:

  • You have forgotten to bring our reusable bags to the shops

  • Need extra bags because you bought more than anticipated

  • Left the reusable bags in the car

  • See our short video explaining how BagShare works.

Have you got spare reuseable shopping bags at Home? Do you sometimes need one on the way home, but don't have one with you? Why not use our Bagshare bin to collect or drop-off bags in the shopping centre.  Support BabShare by donating your reusable bags to the various BagShare bins located around the Lane Cove shopping centre. A single shopping bag can reduce the use of hundreds of plastic bags that either end up in landfills or in our oceans or our natural environment. Ask yourself "do I really need that plastic bag?". Various drop off and collection BagShare Bins are located in a number of locations throughout Lane Cove:

  • The Canopy Carpark at the bottom  travelator from the L1 carpark

  • At the L1 & L2 entrance to Market Square from the car park.

  • The IGA at West Lane Cove

  • The IGA at Greenwich shop

BagShare launch at IGA Supermarket at Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove West in July 2016

Lane Cove Sustainability Group members proudly launched BagShare in July 2016 at IGA Supermarket at Burns Bay Road, West Lane Cove.






History - In the Beginning:



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