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Reusable bins are beginning to appear in the shopping centre of Lane Cove to assist our community's reliance on plastic bags. Plastic bags are mostly used when shopping and the bins have been placed in strategic areas to assist our community.


Plastic Bag Free NSW

The Plastic Waste Reduction Campaign has been initiated by the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group, Take 3 - A Clean Beach InitiativeMarrickville Council and some passionate individuals with a view to lobby the NSW Government for (initially) a ban on plastic shopping bags.

Recycling Bottles

Container Deposit System (CDS)

The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group have, for some years now actively engaged in a fight against plastic pollution. Our actions have taken place locally as well as across the state and include active support for a proposed Container Deposit Scheme.

Lane Cove now has its own Return and Earn depot!


The Reusable Cup Revolution

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee and many of us appreciate the added convenience of a take away cup. It’s part of our increasingly busy and mobile lives. But where do all those empty cups go? Are they recyclable? Is there a better solution?  What can we do to help – yet still enjoy that latte on the go?

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