Seaside Scavenge -Seaside Scavenge represents a passionate group of individuals who love more than anything to see our waterways clean,

Hobart Considers Single-use Plastic Ban - Hobart City Council has voted 8-4 in favour of a by-law that could see the city become the nation's first to ban single-use plastics by 2020

Plastic Bag Free NSW - Plastic Bag Free NSW Campaign in 2014

Report from 2009 Containing Life Cycle Analysis of Shopping Bag Alternatives - Produced for the South Australian Government

ACT Plastic Bag Ban Report - 2014 report on the effectiveness of the ACT Plastic Bag Ban

The Boomerang Alliance - A coalition of environmental groups campaigning for a container deposit system & waste reduction

Plastic Oceans - ABC TV's Catalyst program about plastic pollution on Lord Howe Island and its impact seabirds and our marine wildlife

South Australian Plastic Bag Ban Report - 2012 report on the effectiveness of the South Australian Plastic Bag Ban

Takeaway coffee cups piling up in landfill as Australia's caffeine habit soars - ABC 7.30 Story

Take 3 - Take 3 - A Clean Beach Innitiative. Take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere

Two Hands Project  - A new and collaborative approach to cleaning up your world

SBCRA - Stringybark Creek Residents Association

Lane Cove Rivercare - Lane Cove Rivercare Group is committed to doing their bit to remove rubbish from Lane Cove River

Australian Seabird Rescue - An organisation that deals with one of the tragic consequences of plastic rubbish

Video - Presentation by Chris Jordan highlighting the consequences plastic in the oceans and its impact on marine life

Video - Presentation by Tim Silverwood explaining the enormity of plastic polution in the oceans and its impact on everything

Seas at Risk - Story about a Europeans Commission Report highlighting the overwhelming support for a plastic bag ban across the EU

Plastic Bag Ban Report - Surfrider Foundation of plastic bag bans in other countries & jurisdictions

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has.


Margaret Mead

© 2021

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