Lane Cove Council Sustainability Organisation for 2016

CSAG was awarded Sustainability Organisation for 2016 at the Lane Cove Council Citizenship

Awards Ceromony  on 3rd May 2017.


Tasmania Gives Plastic Bags The Flick - Why Can't NSW?

On 1 November 2013 Tasmania banned the retail supply of non-biodegradable lightweight plastic

shopping bags (which includes those that are 'degradable'). See the Tasmanian Governement's

Plastic Bag Website for details.

Lane Cove Council Supports Plastic Bag Ban/Levy and a Container Deposit System

On Monday the 5th March 2012 Lane Cove Council (LCC) voted unanimously to support three motions that directs the Council to voice its support of a ban or levy on single use lightweight plastic bags and the introduction of a Container Deposit System (CDS). In summary, the motions provide for the following (the complete Notice of Motions may be seen here; they are 5, 6 & 7):

1.    Acknowledges the significant environmental and economic benefits to ratepayers of adopting a container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in NSW and nationaly.

2.    Acknowledge that single-use plastic bags in the waste stream cause pollution, lasting many hundreds of years and that they are a major litter problem in our parks, bushland and waterways and can result in the deaths of many animal species as well as turtles, Cetaceans, birds & etc.

3.   Write to the State and Federal Government ministers urging them to introduce legislation that would ban or levy free single-use plastic shopping bags & a CDS.

Lane Cove joins other councils and jurisdictions in Australia that have recently supported similar proposals. They include:

Byron Bay (Notice of Motion 8.1 here), Ballina (Notice of Motion 13.3 here), Willoughby (Notice of Motion 22.2 here), Warringah (Item 6.3 here), Marrickville (Item 5 here) and Wollongong (Notice of Motion D here). Fremantle have gone a step further and is committed to becoming the first Plastic Bag Free City in Western Australia. Further, Coles Bay (Tasmanian town) became the first jurisdiction in Australia to ban plastic bags (2003) followed by Oyster Bay (Sydney suburb) & Anglesea (Victorian town) in 2004. These were followed by other Australian towns (see Planet Ark). South Australia moved from a levy (introduced in 2003) to a full ban in 2009 and full bans were also introduced in both the Northern Territory and the ACT in 2011.


Pride of Australia Medal 2011

Pride of Australia Medal 2011 Presented to the Lane Cove Sustainability Group on Ausust 31 at Government House, Botanic Gardens, Sydney

North Sydney Community Award 2011

Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group was presented with the North Sydney Community Award on 19 August 

Community Grants Presentation Ceremony

5 August 2009 Lane Cove Council Chambers. Frances Vissel (Former & founding President LCSAG ) and Lyn Nasir (Secretary LCSAG).

Grant 2
2010 Sustainability small grant for $1375 to develop the groups website and to purchase bins for reusable bags.

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