Action Called for on Container Deposit Legislation

Press Release to North Shore Times Highlighting an Action at Coca-Cola Amatil's Head Ofice in North Sydney 13 Dec 2011

Container Deposit Scheme Begins in the Northern Territory

ABC News 3 January 2012

Fremantle to Ban Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags

Fremantle is committed to becoming the first Plastic Bag Free City in Western Australia - ABC News 14 February 2012

Push for the Introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)

North Shore Times Article - 30 May 2012

The Lane Cove Sustainability Group Collects eWaste

Press Release to North Shore Times - The Lane Cove Sustainability Group's involvement in the collection of eWaste around Lane Cove on 9 June 2012

Green Groups Call for the Introduction a Container Deposit System

Canberra Times Article - 26 June 2012

Call For The Community To Acknowledge Who Produces Our Waste

Press release to North Shore Times illustrating the need to be aware that i's powerful corporate/industrial forces keep the waste stream alive - March 2012

WA Labour Calls for Cash for Containers

ABC News 8 September 2012 - WA's Labour Opposition calls for introduction of Container Deposit Scheme (why didn't they do it when they were in power?).

Tasmania to Bans Plastic Bags - Why Can't NSW?

ABC News 31 May 2013

10 Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

Report from the LA Times on L.A. becoming the newest and by far the largest city to Ban the Bag (from 2014)

11 California to Ban Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags

California is to become the first Plastic Bag Free State in the US - LA Times News 30 September 2014

12 Stormwater Rubbish Trap in the Stringybark Creek Area

North Shore Times Article - 9 December 2011

13 ACT Bans Plastic Bags - Why Can't NSW?

ABC News 1 November 2011

14 Sustainability Policy Unsustainable

North Shore Times Article - 6 October 2011

15 Sustainability Lane Fair October 2011

Press Release to the North Shore Times - 13 October 2011

16 Petition for Bag Free NSW

North Shore Times Article - 20 October 2011

17 Tanzanian Government Bans Plastic Bags in Zanzibar

East African Business Week Article - 5 September 2011

18 Plastic Bag Use Rising Again

SMH article re lack of Government action on limiting the use of plastic bags - 21 August 2011

19 Europe May Ban Plastic Bags

SMH article re proposals to ban plastic bags in Europe 19 May 2011

20 Introducing a Bag Share Scheme to Lane Cove

Village Observer (Local Lane Cove paper) - June 2011

21 There's bags to share in Lane Cove

North Shore Times - 2 March 2011

22 Sustainability Drive Video

One of the winning Sustainability Drive Videos by a Dulwich Hill group.

23 Lane Cove community strive for a plastic bag free suburb

GreenHome - 25 February 2011

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