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Sustainability is a lifestyle.

Here's how to make it your lifestyle.

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Kids with Capes

Learn about Climate Change and its impacts at NASA's Climate Kids site

Rain Boots

What is stormwater?

Fruit Stand

How to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and cut down on waste

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See our FAQ Document on how to start your own BagShare

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How environmentally friendly is your bag?


Where do most microplastics come from?

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Environmentally friendly cleaners you can make at home


Do you know how much waste is generated by the average Australian household?

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10 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Toilets & Sinks Installation

"Flushable" Wet-Wipes: a cause of major problems for

our Sewage Systems & a comical video looking at the problem

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Sustainable & Fun Ways to Travel to School

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Report from 2009 containing Life Cycle Analysis of Shopping Bag Alternatives - Produced for the South Australian Government

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