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E-waste collection Lane Cove Sat. March 16


The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group participated in this event by “rescuing” abandoned E-waste items along the roadside and collecting E-waste front residents who were unable to visit the drop-off centre themselves. We offered residents of Lane Cove unable to take their E-waste to the collection point at St Ignatius College, Riverview, help in disposing of their E-waste. Lane Cove residents without transport or unable to lift their E-waste into their vehicle could contact LCSAG and members of collected the items and took them to the collection point. Residents were required to ring & make a pick-up booking prior to the collection date (15 March) and the offer was for bona fide residents unable to take their E-waste to the collection point.


Total for the day was: 

31 televisions (some very big ones in there!)

3 monitors

2 computers (one Daewoo dating back to 1994!)

2 fax machines
8 printers
4 video/DVD players
4 small appliances
4 fluoro tubes
12 miscellaneous items
2 car batteries
2 musical instruments (keyboard and drum kit)

Approx. 480 assorted cassettes, video tapes, DVDs & countless small items like cables, remote controls, batteries, floppy discs & etc…


Did you know?

  • 75% of the 3 million computers bought in Australia every year will end up in landfill In 2007/8, 16.8 million computers reached their end of life. Of this, only 9% will be recycled.

  • By 2010, there will be 716 million new computers in use worldwide.

  • Electronic waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemical such as lead, cadmium and mercury found in landfill.

  • E-waste is being sent to landfill at three times the rate of general waste 17 million TV’s were either in landfill or sent to landfill in 2008.


The drop off centre scene was a reality check on how much E-waste we produce. More than 6 large containers were required and, filled to the brim. Being able to dispose of the increasing amounts of E-waste in a responsible manner requires a permanent, easily accessible, location within the Lane Cove Area. LCSAG will continue to lobby our Council for such a space.

More information on what happens to our E-waste can be found:

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